IELTS Foundation Course for ESL Students

Achieving a high IELTS band score is often the motivation to study English as a second language (ESL). However, for students who are new to English, the IELTS exams can be confusing and seem almost impossible to pass. What’s worse — it may take months before they are at a high-enough level of English to enrol in an IELTS Preparation course.  

IELTS Foundation offers the best solution to this by introducing students to the topics and skills needed for the exams. It is the perfect course for students who are somewhat new to English, but want to start practicing now

Don’t wait months to start learning about the IELTS exams. Start practicing today!

Once a student has achieved the level of Pre-Intermediate or higher, they can enrol in our IELTS Foundation Program. Students have their regular General, and Conversation and Writing classes in the morning before heading to IELTS Foundation. 

Each day, our Native-English IELTS teachers will cover a topic from one of the possible exams. For example, on Monday of week one, your teacher could introduce Speaking Task 1. Then on Tuesday, they may cover Listening Task 1 and so on. 

Due to our small class sizes, students always receive individual feedback to help them develop their skills to achieve their optimal IELTS band score. 

Come in to try a FREE trial class today!

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