Elicos Trip to Petrosains Discovery Centre in KLCC

It’s Friday afternoon and time to get the students out of class and into a real-world setting to practice their speaking skills. This week’s destination is the awesome Petrosains Discovery Centre in KLCC. Teacher Gab (from Canada) and Teacher Jamie (from England) are on hand to help guide the students as they discover Petrosains together.  

Teachers Gab and Jamie teach the students how to use the LRT.

We began with a short train ride to KLCC. Students can learn and practice vocabulary associated with travel, buying tickets and instructions. We get them to ask for directions and interact with the public with polite requests. This is also a great way to practice life skills.

But before we can do anything we must eat. So we stopped in for a delicious array of Korean food at Avenue K. Bellies full, we make our way through the crowds of shoppers to the top floor of Suria Mall to begin our discovery. 

The Petrosains Discovery Centre is an amazing place for kids. It’s full of exciting activities. Trying to keep the students together is a difficult job. They want to try everything! The Gyroscope ride is by far the biggest hit. Although it would be wise to wait a while after you eat  before you try. There are so many fun attractions, that the students use their English to noisily encourage each other to participate in the next best game. The highlight for some of the boys is the Formula 1 VR racing simulator. There is so much to learn and it is so interactive that you should be prepared to spend at least 2 hours here. 

Teacher Gab joins one of her students for an educational game.

As with all of our Summer and Winter Camp programmes at Elicos, we make sure that every Friday is an interactive and educational experience. It helps with their language skills to try new environments with their experienced native-English teachers. 

Some of our other trips have included visiting Aquaria KLCC and KL Tower.

Make sure to check for our next experience and join in the fun — or pop into Elicos to try a FREE class!

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