Elicos Trip to KL Tower


Getting out of the confines of a classroom and into the real world in a is a great way to build confidence and utilise the language — especially if you have your native-speaking teacher on hand to guide you. The teachers can act as a source of information in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows students to loosen up and start speaking naturally.

So, on Friday 2nd August, the students and teachers from Kim’s Father Korean group took a short taxi ride from Elicos Language Centre to KL Tower with teacher Jamie.

First port of call was the Pizza restaurant located just outside the entrance. Restaurants provide an excellent opportunity for speaking — and eating. Ordering food and drinks is an easy way to start — and this restaurant has an awesome Ice Avalanche you can order to smooth the conversation along.

Sweets after pizza

After lunch we took the elevator to the observation deck which, although is not the very top, is still 928 feet high(276metres). The elevator is very fast and pops your ears as you ascend. Some of the students were a bit scared as they were told the only way down was to parachute or bungee- jump… of course they soon learned that we were only joking.

Once at the top, they were excited to start pointing out certain landmarks in the city. KL Tower offers much better views of the city than the Petronas Tower Skybridge and the students took advantage of this opportunity with plenty of photos.

During our Summer and Winter Camp programmes, Elicos offers educational excursions every Friday, with different teachers each time. Our trips are always accompanied by a native-English teacher, so there is never an excuse not to have fun, take plenty of photos or practice your speaking!

Some of our Friday trips have included visiting Aquaria KLCC and Petrosains Discovery Centre.

Be sure to check our monthly-events calendar, so you can join our next trip! Or come in for FREE trial class any day. 

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