Elicos Trip to Aquaria KLCC

This Friday’s educational experience is at Aquaria KLCC. This is an excellent place for acquiring lots of new vocabulary about the natural world — from insects to fish. Of course no Elicos trip would be complete without our native-English teachers to guide them through the murky waters of English. This week, it’s our two British teachers, Jamie and Daniel.

Teachers Daniel and Jamie with one of their students.

After meeting up with our students, we dived into the aquarium and immediately faced the terrifying Piranha. Luckily, next to each tank there is an information board with all you need to know about each species. This gives students plenty of reading experience — an essential part of learning English. A new feature at Aquaria KLCC is the Gene Pool where you can interact with and touch some of the fish, from baby sharks (no singing please!) to the 450 million year old, blue blooded Horseshoe crab. 

A look inside the tank.

Next stop on the tour is the jungle insect area where you can see some rather nasty looking insects found in the jungles of Malaysian. Scorpions, millipedes and hissing cockroaches, to name just a few. 

However, the showpiece of the aquarium is the amazing, 90 metre underwater tunnel. From here you are surrounded by hundreds of fish, massive stingrays, giant turtles and some very large sharks…close-up… with lots of teeth. If you are feeling brave, and don’t mind the nightmares, you can even take a ride down in a cage that puts you into the water right next to them. 

Students with Teacher Daniel.

Aquaria KLCC is a great day out with so much new language and information to learn. Be sure to catch the shark feeding time on certain days.

Our Summer and Winter Camp programmes at Elicos always include our weekly educational trips to ensure that our students get the full benefit of their lessons and have a chance to put it into practice outside the classroom.

Teacher Jamie walking with his students.

Some of our other trips have included visiting the KL Tower and Petrosains Discovery Centre.

Don’t miss the next opportunity to join us on an educational excursion. Come in and register for a FREE trial class and see where it takes you. 

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