Author: Jamie

Elicos Trip to Petrosains Discovery Centre in KLCC

It’s Friday afternoon and time to get the students out of class and into a real-world setting to practice their speaking skills. This week’s destination is the awesome Petrosains Discovery Centre in KLCC. Teacher Gab (from Canada) and Teacher Jamie (from England) are on hand to help guide the students as they discover Petrosains together.   […]

Elicos Trip to Aquaria KLCC

This Friday’s educational experience is at Aquaria KLCC. This is an excellent place for acquiring lots of new vocabulary about the natural world — from insects to fish. Of course no Elicos trip would be complete without our native-English teachers to guide them through the murky waters of English. This week, it’s our two British […]


Elicos Trip to KL Tower

Getting out of the confines of a classroom and into the real world in a is a great way to build confidence and utilise the language — especially if you have your native-speaking teacher on hand to guide you. The teachers can act as a source of information in a relaxed atmosphere, which allows students […]

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